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Ecija is an inland town, with a population of about 40,000. First a Roman, then Moorish town, it has many narrow, winding cobbled streets and whitewashed houses. The historic centre is rich in architectural and archeological detail in the ancient family palaces, convents and baroque churches. The Archeological Museum exhibits the internationally acclaimed Amazona sculpture and Roman mosaics discovered when excavating the town square. Ecija is also famed for its weather. Fortunately, in a school year from September to June you can enjoy all the festivals without having to suffer the extremely high summer temperatures that give Ecija the name of “the frying pan of Andalusia”.

Useful videos for looking around town can be seen here .

 What to Do

If you’re sporty or like socializing and dancing, playing an instrument, photography, walking, riding, canoeing or whatever else your hobbies may be, you’re sure to find a club or group to suit you in Ecija.

This is what Emily, a teacher who has been here for two years says about her experience:
“Working at Tower has offered me the opportunity not only to enjoy teaching and grow professionally, but also to fulfil another dream of living a different lifestyle. Before coming to Spain I had a very strong idea of the kind of life I wanted to have and I feel I have found it here in Ecija. I no longer waste time sitting in traffic jams as I freely bike my way around the whole town! And with everything being so close by, I can pop into the school to plan classes when I want and have time for all the extra things I love to do.
Outside of work I have three dance classes a week including salsa and the traditional dance of the region, Sevillanas. I love learning this popular flamenco style dance because it’s something very cultural, which brings me on to my next point. Ecija is not like a big city that is full of international people. Here I have learnt about and felt part of the culture, from eating tapas at non-tourist prices, dancing Sevillanas at the September fair and dressing up in the Carnival, to watching the parades of the three Kings at Christmas and the Holy Week processions at Easter.

Of course another benefit of living in a smaller town is that learning Spanish is not a problem. The people are so open and friendly you won’t have any difficulty making Spanish friends or simply finding opportunities to practise when you’re out and about every day.“ 

More Entertainment


There is a large multi screen cinema, a 2nd Division football club, a lively theatre which is on the Andalusian repertoire route and is also a venue for flamenco concerts, ballet and all number of different events. There are lots of tapas bars and good Spanish restaurants as well as a Chinese and other takeaways. Nightlife can start at 2a.m. and finish sometime the next day. There are also art and exhibition galleries, a public library, two sports complexes and a gym with spa facilities. The tourist office offers free guided tours around town at different times of the year focussing on patios, palaces, towers, convents and churches.


Ecija has a shopping centre on the edge of the town with the usual high street retailers, electrical goods and a Carrefour hypermarket. In the centre of town there are more specialist shops and a daily covered market selling fresh local produce. There is also a large street market every Thursday, aptly called “El Jueves”( The Thursday). For a change of scenery and a greater selection of shops, a trip to Seville or Córdoba makes a good day out.

Travelling Around

Ecija is situated between Seville and Cordoba. There are motorway links to Cordoba, Granada, Malaga and Seville and regular bus services run to Seville (90kms.) and Cordoba (50kms). Car hire is available at good rates from Seville, Córdoba and Malaga.

Cost of Living

A rented furnished flat can cost between 325€ and 425€ per month, depending on size and location. Help is given in finding accommodation.
a meal out 20 €;  a take-away 7 €;  a drink 1,50 €;  the cinema 6 €